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DIIDA Founder and Creative Director Dimitria Papafotiou
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DIIDA - a label impeccably created out of a respect for the female form and personality, and a love for life. DIIDA designs are for the strong and confident woman - the inner goddess. DIIDA designs are an essential compliment to the Australian fashion industry landscape, created by an ambitious and committed designer, Dimitria Papafotiou, who truly appreciates the art of design and luxury.


DIIDA the name, has been with me since childhood. It's an affectionate name that represents family, life and above all love.DIIDA, the brand, represents my take on the modern woman in all her forms, on all occasions. She is strong, chic, incredibly romantic, extremely flirtatious and very seductive.This woman walks into any occasion and demands attention.


Over the past 12 years I have worked across many aspects of the fashion industry: design, production, buying, textiles, quality assurance and planning. I have also been exposed to marketing, public relations, visual merchandising and the overall operations of a fashion business. With the acquisition of these skills, comes the right time to turn my dream into a reality. 


DIIDA promises to deliver chic, innovative, distinctive designs; providing luxurious, yet attainable quality and style. It will be an Australian brand that brings together Grecian designs and feminine styling. I've always been fascinated by human expression and have always believed that one's style is an expression of their personality and how they desire to be perceived by the world around them. From the business suit in the boardroom that represents strength and authority, to the bikini on the beach that exudes fun and freedom.The dynamic facets on a woman's world is what excites me - to style and create for every facet is the core objective of my brand DIIDA - 'desk to dinner', 'beach to bar'.




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